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The Olympic 10K Marathon Swim will be one of the breakout events at the 2012 London Olympics. It will showcase the sport in unprecedented ways.

Even though it is difficult to make accurate Olympic Marathon Swimming 10km predictions for the 2012 London Olympics, below are 10 predictions based on an insider’s knowledge of the athletes and the sport in general:

1. Keri-Anne Payne of Great Britain is going to wow the world’s media as she has with her hometown British press. She is the right combination of beauty, brains and brawn to make a splash on the world’s sporting scene.

2. The British tabloid press is going to come up with some unbelievable headlines and stories about the open water swimming world.

3. The tide will turn from the chlorinated world to the natural world. Based on the coverage of the Olympic Marathon Swimming 10km, sporting fans will re-discover the beauty and wonder of swimming + nature, or open water swimming.

4. Peter Carlisle, the powerful agent of Michael Phelps, has another undiscovered star in his Olympic portfolio: Harvard intellectual Alex Meyer who will be showcased in unprecedented ways in the United States market.

5. Haley Anderson, an up-and-coming America open water swimming star, is going to turn heads with a strong closing race to her open water swimming career.

6. Greece, with Spyridon Gianniotis and Marianna Lymperta, is going to stand tall on the Olympic podium. The oldest combined duo in the Olympic marathon swimming final have the veteran savviness and smarts to swim the 6-loop course extraordinarily well.

7. The pace of the Olympic open water swimmers will be mind-blogging fast and the split times and pace per kilometer/mile will be reported in real-time in various ways by NBC and the other international broadcasters covering the event.

8. Social media will cover the race in unprecedented ways with over 30,000 people standing on the shores of Hyde Park tweeting, emailing, texting and posting photos and comments on Twitter, Facebook, Badoo, Google+ and Orkut.

9. Thomas Lurz, calm, composed and collected, will push the pace and will make his competitors feel like puking in pain… and there still will be more than 2,000 meters to the finish.

10. Expect the unexpected. Like Maarten van der Weijden‘s gold medal performance in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, an unsung swimmer will make waves in the Serpentine. Their Olympic dream will be realized.

It will certainly be a show to see.

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